Magic Wand

We just had a short YM conversation (Shane, a classmate and friend of mine in high school) last night t… and she requested me to write a blog about him – a former crush of her way back high school…(as for my friend’s request, the name of the boy will be forever a secret to everyone lol!)

(….as i close my eyes, trying to bring back the lost memories…)

it was his eyes that caught her attention…he had the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen! as i could remember, it was a beautiful sunny day…and maybe the happiest moment in her high school life…jotting down notes from a Home Economics Instructor, when she first laid her eyes on him…

the H.E. instructor was suddenly interrupted when another instructor came by and introduced this very tall, dark and not so handsome guy (just a joke LOL)…and then she saw him…her heart beats faster….she knew at that moment that it was love at first sight..She was in 1st year high school and a huge fan of fairy tales…she has her own idea  of finding his own prince…finding that one true love in a “magical way”..and she believed that it was him!!!!whooosh!!!!

the  moment she found out that he will be on the same class, suddenly, it was magic!!! everything was magic!  fairygod mothers everywhere with magic wands turning everything into hearts and flowers (hahaha!!! this part is too much, i know, but i guess that’s what you really feel when you saw the one true love) wink!

and the day goes by, always excited to come to class everyday…always excited to see him for the rest of the day…she was inspired in every classes…and started to get high grades in every subjects (except math!!HAHA) she started to be conscious in her looks and appearance…then came sleepless nights…thinking of him and dreaming of him…she even came to the point of  having a family with him! (i just don’t understand why would a 1st year high school student already had an idea of having a family of her own! haha) … : )

He was her inspiration!!!

Then one day, she realized that it was all in her dreams!!! it was just a fantasy!!! And it will never happen in reality. She found out that the guy was inlove with someone…and it wasn’t her… a girl form another section…it broke her heart…after everything she has done..mag-pa-cute sa kanya everyday, mag-aral everynight, watched him in his basketball games, watched him in every school’s battle of the band (he was a drummer), (as i could remember, she also wrote a letter once telling him that she has a crush on him but didn’t put her name so he won’t be able to know where it came from) at kung anu anu pa…then suddenly everything was turned into pieces…

as i cut the story short, ( because i can’t remember anything after that..) it ended up as “not a happy ending” story.

then after 10 years,  she finally found her fairy tale with her husband. all i can say is that she’s happy right now and living the life of a princess??? 🙂

……what happened to her happens in every normal teenagers…and in everyone. we all fall inlove…then end up crying…take another chance …and end up crying…and fall in love again until you find that one true love…everyone has its own fairy tales, i believe….you just have to wait for the right wave of magic wand! (WINK)

(Created 2 years ago)


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