Pen and Paper

…this morning…i felt complete…i’ve decided to do it..after all it was my was a passion i need to fulfill….

….i was doing my old stuff last night…i didn’t expect to find the old envelope.. glance on it for a second…and realized that inside are my old notebooks and pens…inside of the notebooks were my old thoughts and ideas…stuck in every pages of it…i found out that i had three novels, a stories that doesn’t have endings yet…a stories i started writing a long long time ago.. shame on me…!! i can’t find time working on these stories..with a lot of responsibilities, never had the chance to finish it…still staring at it..browsing every pages…i felt something different…a feeling i had taken for granted for quite a long time…a feeling i felt the first time i started working with one of my stories…and no matter how i tried to ignore the feeling, i know and i can’t lie to myself that the passion is still there…my passion for writing…but i can’t write anymore…i have other plans…i want to have a better career rather than writing… i put back all my writing stuff again inside the envelope…and decided to keep it there forever….i was about to close the cabinet when i had a second thought with the last word i said…”to keep the envelope forever”..where my thoughts and ideas are in every pages of the notebook…i realized that what i am keeping forever are my thoughts and my pen and my notes…wait!!! those were my talents…and i will have to put it inside the cabinet and hide my talents forever?! again?!!! i opened the cabinet and took out the envelope.. put it at the table…and stares…now what will i do with them? i am a tour operator…with a very competitive goals, and have always wanted to build my own travel agency. i need to work hard to achieve what i have put my mind into..…i wanted to start working with all these stories again…and start finishing with what i have started..but how?!!! how can i finish these stories? how can i find time writing if i am loaded with other things…but my mind is telling me to follow my heart…with what it desires…and it is to start writing again…maybe i can find time to finish my stories one by one. maybe it’s all a matter of time management…still confused…i closed my eyes and let the morning decides for me….and fell asleep.

..this morning…i felt complete…i’ve decided to do it..after all it was my was a passion i need to fulfill…a burning passion! it is all a matter of time management…i still can work and have my dream job and at the same time write stories..because i won’t let my pen and my papers kept inside the cabinet forever!!!


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