Night coffee

two days before all saints day, while everyone was so busy preparing for the occasion, me and my coffee partner decided to drink a cup of coffee at Cups and Jiggers near Basilica Church. When we arrived at the place we  found out that the cafe also offers wines and spirits, since it was our first time to visit the place. Well, i wasn’t really impressed with the atmosphere. since i always had a high expectations for coffee shops. the smell of coffee aroma was lacking  and felt more like a bar than a coffee shop. But the food was great! We ordered Ham and cheese panini for myself and bacon and cheese panini for Albee, and ordered chocolate cake as our dessert. What we won’t forget is the 12 oz cup of coffee they offer on the  menu! how in the world did that 12 oz of coffee came from???? it made our eyes open until 3 am and are bleary eyed the next morning!   hahahaha! its caffeine contents made me hyper all night long!  anyway, the next time we visit another coffee shop, the first thing we will ask is “do you have an 8oz. cup of coffee?” for we will never drink a 12 oz ever again! 🙂


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